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I am a technology and computing curious father of two. When not with my kids or at the computer, I like to spend any free time taking photos, being outdoors – especially with a tent – or just watching podcasts from the TWIT network.

I was born and grew up in Stoke-On-Trent, England.  After leaving college I worked locally for a few years then left home to live in Derby and study a diploma in general nursing.  Following graduation and registering as a nurse I moved again, this time to Nottingham. There I worked as a staff nurse in an oncology unit at the General Hospital before changing jobs to work as a community nurse in the city.

It was during this time that I met my partner. We later had our first child and then relocated to The Basque Country in 2009. Two years later our second child was born. We continue to live in a market town amongst the Basque mountains between the cities of San Sebastian and Bilbao.

Since moving to the Basque country I have worked, firstly, giving English language classes in local companies and now as a language tutor in a private English academy. My current job covers two main areas: firstly, preparing young adults and adults for the listening, reading, writing and speaking papers of Cambridge University English Language exams at Advanced, First and PET levels. Additionally, at the academy I also give speaking and conversation classes to small groups of adult students.

After starting to work in a language teaching role I have been able to fully realise that, despite being a native English Speaker, my knowledge of the English Language is far from complete. To help to address this, and to develop in my teaching role, I attend on-line seminars from various publishers and Cambridge Language Assessment. I have also been a regular attendee to The British Council’s Annual Teacher’s Conferences day at their Bilbao centre. As a result of a seminar at one of these events this site was born; after all i am always encouraging my students to write so I should try to write more myself.   I  also began to follow other practitioners via their blogs and Twitter feeds.  In this way I get to observe their material and  so pick up some of their methodologies. Finally, I have attended on-line Spanish Language classes myself to put myself ‘in the students shoes’, observe other language teachers at work and, critically, to improve and develop my own language abilities.

I have particular personal interests in learning and developing new skills: especially in the areas of computing, technology, photography and e- learning. I am constantly experimenting with technology and I am a keen Lynda.com subscriber where I try to improve my knowledge and skills in those subjects.

During the summer break of 2017 I obtained the Cambridge University Language Assessment Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages (CELTA) at London School of Languages in San Sebastian.  I also frequently attend seminars and conferences in the local area and participate in online Webinar training.  for morei nformation about my ELT professional development visit my Professional Development Portfolio page.

For the future; I hope to continue to further develop not only my computing, photography and teaching skills but also focus on my own personal language competences. moreover, I would like to develop and build my knowledge and experience around blending physical classrooms with on-line learning and using social networks.

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