iDIOTS video – Extra speaking activity for Unit 3 laser B2

This is a short speaking activity based around the video 'iDoits' to get students talking about the effects of technology and consumerism on our lives

Article – Reflective teaching: Exploring our own classroom practice | TeachingEnglish | British Council | BBC

An interesting article from the British Council about reflecting on teaching practice .

Quizlet Diagrams

A favourite website and learning tool of mine, Quizlet, has just added a new feature.  Now you can add diagrams for students to correctly label as part of learning sets.

Katherine Bilsborough: Lesson plans – less is more

Interesting article from Katherine Bilsbrough of the British Council on the topic of lesson planning Article link tinyurl link:    

Campsite – Word of the Month – September

This month ‘campsite’ is my word of the month. Why? because before the summer break lots of my students were talking about how they were going to go to ‘a camping‘ during the summer.

Ice breaker: Summer holidays human bingo

Here is a quick human bingo activity I prepared for some of my classes using the website

My CELTA experience – It was quite a ride!

Two weeks after completing the CELTA Course and I am sitting outside my tent and starting to look back. ..

Another Academic Year In Review: 2016-17

Image Credit: John Hain,

Last year, at around this time, I engaged in a little open reflection exercise (link to post here).  Following on in the same vein,  I am looking back again to see what I feel have been positive achievements and weaker aspects from the academic year.  I also hope to set out some aims and points to look at in the coming academic year.

Countdown to CELTA

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So, it's finally happening.  In just a few weeks time I will be starting a 4 week CELTA training course in San Sebastian.  As the start date, the 27th July, approaches I'm becoming increasingly nervous; will I keep up? am I doing enough preparation? will I survive?

Environment vocabulary Part 2: Electricity

Following on from the earlier reblogging of a post I put together as a series on environment vocabulary, this second post post continues the theme of environment vocabulary by looking at the language connected to the topic of electricity and its generation.  It was originally published on my old Microsoft site on the 9th April 2016.