Find out about our Online English Classes.

Our Classes will help to improve your fluency and confidence in your English language skills, helping you to achieve your aims.

Classes and teaching are dynamic, flexible and delivered in modern way to let you have class whenever and wherever is best for you.

Firstly, Who are the classes for?

My current classes are for people with an intermediate, or above, English level who feel that they have a good idea of the theory and grammar of English but need to put it into practice.

In the classes you’ll get to discuss and debate every day and more abstract topics, present ideas and engage in role plays,  while also developing your range of vocabulary.

But it’s more than just speaking…

…You’ll also benefit from getting clear, targeted, and personalised feedback as well as tips and tricks to develop your communicative fluency. You’ll read and watch real content from a diverse range of sources to keep your other skills active too.

And there’s more…

You’ll also get specific guidance and help with any difficult or challenging areas of the English language that need a little work.  written and verbal explanations, exercises and videos will help to clarify any doubts before you put your developing skills into practise during the class.

Secondly, why online?

Online classes are perfect for people who find it difficult – or impossible – to attend traditional classes in a fixed location, at a fixed time each week.

Maybe you have family commitments, a busy professional schedule, frequent travel arrangements.  It could also be that your schedule just doesn’t match the times when academies and traditional language schools are offering their classes.

  • Online classes make it easier to fit developing your language skills into your day
  • Family and career friendly but without sacrificing on quality.
  • No need to spend extra time travelling to and from a language school. (a one-and-half-hour class with fifteen minutes of travelling to and from the class is two hours of your busy day) 
  • Avoid the stress of competing for a parking space in busy school locations. 
  • A fantastic option if you’re a person who prefers to study independently – in your own way and at your own pace – but want to practise your speaking skills and receive clear feedback?
  • Great if you’re studying away but still want classes with someone you recognise and feel comfortable with?
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 The flexibility of online learning means that you can enjoy your class from your office, home or study location and during those periods when you have higher work volumes, special projects, group work tasks, a family event or social commitment; you wont have to miss out on your class.

In summary: My current fluency classes are for people with an intermediate or above level of English and who want efficient, flexible and effective development of of their spoken fluency skills while also practising their reading and listening skills too.

Online Fluency classes = Great Value for your money

  • Excellent value for money as your class is focused totally on you.
  • I’ll offer up to 30 minutes of extra out-of-class activities using a range of material.
  • You’ll receive written feedback and a video recording of the class to review later.

Our 30-minute fluency class costs €20 for the one-to-one session and includes all the extra material as well as the written feedback after the class and the video recording of your class.


Discover more about why our classes are well worth the cost at the link below:

Why fluency classes with are great value.

Always learning; your professional teacher.

  • I’m a Cambridge University English Assessment certified English teacher
  • I successfully Completed the Teaching English Online Course, also from Cambridge University English.
  • A registered member of both national and international English language teaching professional associations
  • I receive high quality continuous training and updates throughout the year
  • I’m part of an international community of online and Face-to-Face teachers. We are passionate about sharing our ideas, learning new techniques our growing our knowledge and skills.  We do this so that we can better support you, our students.

I am passionate about using real, ‘authentic’ material in the classroom and delivering engaging and communicative classes.

You can find out more about me as a teacher by clicking on the link below:

Your Professional Teacher, find out more

The technology, what do I need to start?

So, what equipment do you need to start with my classes?
Well actually, you probably have everything you need already!

what you need to start

If this all sounds too technical, don’t worry! I have created a collection of video, and printable, guides which will help you – step by step – to get everything ready.

Booking and payment

  • 24-hour Online booking is easy, convenient and flexible.
  • online fast, private and secure payments with official receipt 

24-hour Online booking is easy, convenient and flexible. Moreover, online payments allow you to pay for your classes using a payment card. Payments are fast, private and secure with an instant official receipt. No more bank transfers or having to go to an office to make cash payments during limited and inconvenient opening hours.

Protective of your personal data and privacy.

  • Your personal contact data is stored securely
  • I do not have access to you bank or card details

I do not receive your bank or card details. The personal contact information you provided me with will be treated seriously and professionally. It will be kept secure using individual long passwords and two factor authentication on my digital accounts as well as bio-metric and password security on all my digital devices. The videos files of your classes may be used for personal training and development, which may occasionally involve sharing them with professional teacher trainers. Your class recordings will not be shared on any social media or for advertising unless you have first given your permission.

In summary:

Flexible, Professional and dynamic English classes that offer value for money.

Classes that are not only easy and convenient to access, but personal to you and aimed at helping you to achieve your goals.