Welcome to Glyn’s English Online

Hello and welcome to Glyn’s English Online.

Based in the Basque Country, Northern Spain, I offer online English classes, a blog and a YouTube channel for English Language learners.

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Our classes

We have a number of class types to meet different needs:

Flexible 30-minute Fluency classes for individuals

Flexible and engaging online Speaking classes.

One-to-one intensive speaking practice.

Before your class you will receive your class material or task to read, listen to or prepare. This material includes some useful or suggested vocabulary and expressions that you could use in the class.

During the class you’ll do most of the talking and be provided with some verbal feedback and correction.

After your class, you receive a copy of your class notes. These include copies of on-screen material used during the class and further written feedback. Your class notes also include the material for your next class.

60-minute Online Speaking communities

Weekly conversational group classes.

Face-to-face meet ups and ‘experiences’ in the Urola Valley area.

Relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

Stimulating conversation to help maintain your level and develop your confidence, fluency and vocabulary.

Online Preparation for the Cambridge First Exam

Classes for independent students who either cannot or do not want to attend a traditional academy or group class.

Get support and help to guide your independent studies.

Practice the practical English skills while receiving feedback, written class notes and support.

Help with resources and study materials.

Online Practice speaking tests

About to do your Cambridge First speaking exam?

These are 45-minute sessions for two people.

Sessions include you and your partner completing two full ‘mock’ First B2 speaking tests online. You also receive feedback, helpful hints and also tips to help you prepare for the real exam.

Practice your speaking exam technique and experience the exam format and timings with all the flexibility and benefits of an online session.

General English Skills courses

Online English courses to help you develop your English language skills.

Improve your confidence by developing your vocabulary and accuracy.

Practise and improve your listening, reading, grammar and speaking skills using multi-media materials about a range of subjects.

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This is what my students say about our online classes:

“I feel so good learning English online…

…[it’s] Amazing, useful and intensive…
You can book whenever you want from your own house.
….The feedback after classes is very interesting”

~ Maite Lazkano
Travel Agent

“Es una manera muy fácil. Tienes total libertad para reservar día, frecuencia de clases …no tener que salir de casa

Me gusta mucho el formato de las clases. Son activas, personalizadas, amenas y variadas.
…muy buen profesor. Las clases están bien preparadas, personalizadas.”

~ Maite Bereziartua Etxeberria
Profesora de música y baile.

“… I can say it’s really a good experience… it’s very easy to book a class, it’s just to click a link to choose the date and hour wanted…

The topics are usually about something that interests me…

The biggest advantage is that I can choose the moment of the class…”

~ Imanol Amiano
Basque language teacher

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Take the next step to improve your English…

Well, I can see that your serious about wanting to improve your English. Let’s get started…

My 30-minute fluency class costs €21.50 for the one-to-one session and includes all the extra material as well as the written feedback after the class.

And remember that you only pay for the classes that you book. No more payments for classes that are on public holidays when your academy is closed or when you can’t attend because you are busy working or have other commitments.

Moreover, if you book a class and then your plans change, no problem. You can easily and instantly reschedule a class – at no extra cost – until 1 hour before the class is due to start using our online booking system.

Learn more about our booking, rescheduling and cancellation policy by clicking here