Glyn’s English Online Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy

‘Life happens’, but don’t worry about it! Our classes are very adaptable.

Here is everything you need to know about rescheduling or cancelling a class booking on Glyn’s English Online.


You have the option to reschedule a class that you have booked and paid for. You can reschedule your class any time until one hour before it is due to start. You will not have to pay any extra costs to reschedule the class.

If you decide that you need to reschedule a booking, then you can follow the instruction and links in the booking confirmation email to do so.

You can reschedule the same booking no more than two times. If you cannot attend the class on the second time and date, then you will be considered as absent from the class (see below).

Lateness and Absence:

We all try to be on time, but we also know that we can have last minute technical problems or other surprises. Because of this:

  • If our class starts late by four minutes or less (for instance due to technical problems), when possible the class will be extended to by an appropriate length of time to compensate.
  • It is not guaranteed that the teacher – me- will be able to extend a class to compensate for minor lateness. It is the choice of the teacher to do so depending on the situation.
  • If it is possible to extend the class because of a late start, the class will never be extended more than 5 minutes after its scheduled finishing time.
  • If a class has still not begun ten or more minutes later than the scheduled starting time, the student will be considered as absent from class and the class will be cancelled by the teacher without any refund.

I do everything I can to ensure that all classes run as scheduled; but just in case, this is what will happen if I am late starting the class.

  • If I am between five to nine minutes late for the class, a 50% refund will be offered to the student(s).
  • If I am ten minutes or more late for the class, a full refund will be given to the student(s) – even if the class continues for the remaining time.


If you decide that you want to cancel a class booking, you can follow the instructions and links in the booking confirmation email to do so.

  • If you cancel your class 24 hours or more before start time all the money that you paid for that class will be refunded within 48 hours.
  • If you cancel your class less than 24 hours before start time you will not be eligible for a refund, however you will still have the option to reschedule the class for a later date until one hour before the class is due to start.

I hope that I – the teacher – will never need to cancel a class, but should the situation ever happen:

  • You – the student – will first be notified by SMS and email and then will get a full refund for the cost of the class within 24 hours.