We’re on the right track to learn a new expression

This week I’m posting the expression ‘to be on track’, which was used during a class last week.

During a discussion about a news story in class, our student said…

“…this year’s event is on track to become the most popular…”


Glyn’s English Online Fluency Class Student


From the above example, we can see the meaning of progressing or developing in a way that will do or achieve something.  The expression can also be used to say that someone is working or doing things in a way that will produce a result.

More examples of ‘on track’

MacMillan Dictionary also give the example: 
We’re right on track to create two million new jobs. 

Cambridge online dictionary also highlight the use of ‘on the right track’, and ‘on the wrong track’
These results suggest that we are on the right track.”

Connected phrases and expressions:

  • To go off track: become distracted 
  • Get back on track: start focusing or working again after disruption or distraction
  • Be on the wrong side of the tracks:  be in a bad position or location to do or achieve something.

What are you on (the right) track to achieving? let us know in the comments.

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