Campsite – Word of the Month – September

This month ‘campsite’ is my word of the month. Why? because before the summer break lots of my students were talking about how they were going to go to ‘a camping‘ during the summer.

Environment vocabulary Part 2: Electricity

Following on from the earlier reblogging of a post I put together as a series on environment vocabulary, this second post post continues the theme of environment vocabulary by looking at the language connected to the topic of electricity and its generation.  It was originally published on my old Microsoft site on the 9th April 2016.

Another quick 10… Cities and countryside

Here is part two in this 'quick 10' series.  This time the topic is towns and cities

A quick 10 about… Travel

10 Expressions connected to travel and holidays. If you are looking add a little more variety to your writing or speaking vocabulary, why not review this short list and pick a few favourites.  You could add your own ideas and create your own topic flashcards.   Either way, be sure to revise, drill and practise using your vocabulary time and again to get them into your vocabulary repertoire (the vocabulary that you not only know, but also use).

Environment vocabulary – Part 1

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This is the first of three posts on vocabulary about the environment.  Specifically, the post presents vocabulary around the topic of rubbish and waste. It was originally put together and published on the 6th April 2016 during my initial blogging experiments using Microsoft's Sway platform.

Spur (on) – Word of the month – June

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This month I will suggest 'spur' as my word of the month. A spur, in noun form, is the metal star shaped spike that you see in cowboy films attached to the back of their boots and used to make a horse ride faster.