Congratulations Zoom!! –

Congratulations Zoom!! - Our video meeting provider just keeps on winning more and more awards

6th Visit to British Council Bilbao’s Teaching For Success Conference

Header image credit:  Yesterday (Saturday 21st September'18) was my 6th year attending the British Council's annual conference, Teaching For Success, in Bilbao - an annual highlight in my calendar. As with previous years, there were many great moments and takeaways, including: meeting up with CELTA colleagues; Robin Walker's use of Sting's An English Man in New …

Using news stories/newspapers in the classroom via

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A year in Review 2017-2018

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Before the new academic year starts up it's time to look back and carry out the (third) annual review of my practice and development as an English language teacher (previous yearly reviews can be found here: 2016-17 and 2015-16 ). With these reflective pieces I want to make myself look back at the previous academic …

Another Academic Year In Review: 2016-17

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Last year, at around this time, I engaged in a little open reflection exercise (link to post here).  Following on in the same vein,  I am looking back again to see what I feel have been positive achievements and weaker aspects from the academic year.  I also hope to set out some aims and points to look at in the coming academic year.

Countdown to CELTA

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So, it's finally happening.  In just a few weeks time I will be starting a 4 week CELTA training course in San Sebastian.  As the start date, the 27th July, approaches I'm becoming increasingly nervous; will I keep up? am I doing enough preparation? will I survive?

Farewell, Hi Wordpress….

Last week as I was looking through my email I came across one from The Microsoft Docs Team informing me that the website was being retired and that my - very neglected - site on it would be shut down come December.  This spurred on a search to find a new home for my ramblings and reflections

‘To do’ trials – old school paper versus the ‘modern’ digital way.

Originally posted on the 9th May 2016.
This post was a look at my efforts and experiments to 'do away' with the numerous scraps paper with little notes on them that I was (and often sadly still do) losing on a frequent basis.

Reflecting on the 2015/16 academic year

This post was originally posted on the 13th May 2016
This is a reflective blog post which not only looks back but also considers the future when reaching the end of the 2015/17 academic year

Sample test post

Just an empty blog post to see how thing look..... Nothing to see here folks, keep on moving.... Maybe something more later