Talking about towns and cities

This post contains language that you can use to talk about towns and cities in English language exam tasks and in everyday conversation. Whether you’re verbally comparing and contrasting two pictures or writing an essay about the benefits of living in a city as part of a Cambridge Assessment English Exam; or, just tell a work colleague about a weekend trip to another town. Having a range of descriptive vocabulary for talking about these environments can be very useful.

Do help yourself! (The language of party food)

From the Cambridge Dictionary blog, your essential guide to function al Christmas meal vocabulary. So, go ahead and help yourself to a feast of essential verbs and expressions.

About Words - Cambridge Dictionary blog

by Kate Woodford


The Christmas season is once again here and around the world, people who celebrate this festival are going to parties and gatherings with family, friends and colleagues. One important feature of most gatherings is food so we thought we’d take a look at the language in this area.

When you are hosting (=organizing in your home) a get-together of any type, you have to make decisions about catering (=providing food). How much and what type of food will you offer your guests? You might plan a proper dinner for people. This is sometimes called a sit-down meal, meaning that it is the sort of meal that people eat while sitting at a table: a sit-downmeal at a wedding A meal in someone’s house in the evening used to be called a dinner party, though this now sounds a little formal. Nowadays, most people talk…

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