Pushing the boat out over Christmas

This week’s post is a little late as I took a break away from social media during the main Christmas days. In fact, this year in our house we ‘pushed the boat out’ a little with our christmas meal preparations.

When I said ‘push the boat out’, I didn’t mean that we got our feet wet. Rather, that we made an extra effort – and spent a little more money – than normal to celebrate something.

This is the expression for this week:

To push the boat out =
to spend extra money on something, especially a celebration or treat

Firstly, we pushed the boat out with the meat, some lovely lamb from the local farm shop. Also, Instead of cake and biscuits from the supermarket, we pushed the boat out on cakes from the bakery.

Connected expressions:

To go the extra mile: to make an extra special effort to do something.

“we went the extra mile with our Christmas decorations this year.”

To be in the same boat: be in the same (often difficult) situation.

“After Christmas, many people are in the same boat – feeling guilty because they have eaten too much and spent more than was sensible.”

So, how did you push the boat out over the christmas period? Let us know in the comments what little extras you treated yourself and others to during the festive period.

Also, don’t forget that we still have available classes during the Christmas holidays. Why not go the extra mile with your language learning and book an online class to develop your English language skills with Glyn’s English Online. You can arrange a class with our online calendar here: www.calendar.glynsenglish.online

you can also discover more about our classes on our webpage: www.glynsenglish.online

Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2019

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