Another quick 10… Cities and countryside

Here is part two in this ‘quick 10’ series.  This time the topic is towns and cities.  For the introduction to this series and the first part about travel and holidays follow this link

For the below vocabulary set you can find Quizlet flash cards by selecting here and a ‘fill in the gaps’ game by clicking here.  Finally, the Word document for this vocabulary set can be found and downloaded via this hyperlink.



Densely/sparsely populated (area) With a lot of / not many people living there
“personally, I think that living in a more sparsely populated area would have many more disadvantages; especially for a family with young children…”

“it is a widely held belief that living in a densely populated urban area brings many benefits.  However, overcrowding in our cities is spurring governments to consider ways to promote the positive points of a more rural lifestyle and motivate people to seek out a life in the country.

Hustle and bustle Noise and movement
“I would choose the first picture.  It’s the constant hustle and bustle of the city that‘s so appealing to me.  There is always something going on.”

“While many people advocate being a city dweller, there is also a significant movement towards escaping the constant hustle and bustle of an urban life for the peace and relaxation offered by more rural areas”

Close-knit community Friendly, sociable, and supportive
“While a family might enjoy the close-knit community of a village, some others many find it too invasive…”

“on the other hand, life in a rural community can not only offer better landscape and lower pollution levels; there can also be social benefits to.  For example, being part of a close-knit community can give a sense of belonging and security that can be difficult to find in a city.

Green spaces Open spaces / parks
“Yes that’s true, but most cities have modernised and now have numerous green spaces.  So, Even in the city centres,  your never far away from a nice park or somewhere to relax”

“one solution to managing pollution in urban areas has been to increase the number of green spaces.”

Residential/commercial/business areas                                   Places where people live/shop/work
“In this first picture I can see a residential suburb of a city while this third one shows what seems to be the main commercial area with its range of shops and stores.”

“This new restaurant is in the heart of the commercial area of town; and so, is ideally place for a break when out on a shopping spree with friends or family”

(Easily) get around (an area) Move about in an area / travel short distances
“One advantage of the city is that it’s easy to get around: you’re never far from a bus stop or bicycle lane.  In the countryside however, it’s very different as you’d really need to have a car.”

“another alternative being proposed by many is to improve the way we get around. Too many of us are still using our own cars and not taking advantage of the public transport systems of our areas”

Congestion (noun) – Congested (adjective) so full of traffic or busy that it is difficult to move around or travel about an area or place
“Few would dispute the fact that our cities are over-congested.”

Congestion has become a common feature in the everyday life of a commuter.”

Gridlock (noun) – gridlocked (adjective) when there are so many cars on the road that traffic is unable to move/flow.
“In this image I can clearly see that the streets are completely gridlocked with cars…”

“Hardly a week goes by without another report of traffic gridlock and rising pollution levels in our cities appearing in the media.  This raises the issue of how authorities can promote the public transport network and discourage….”

Commute (noun) – Commuter (noun, person) – to commute (verb) To travel regularly to and from work, or the journey to and from work.
“in the first picture, I can see commuters packed together on to a crowed train whereas this second images shows a gridlocked city street with lots of people who – I could suppose – are commuting individually in their own cars rather than sharing a vehicle with other people”

“Are you one of those who struggles into work on the daily commute?  If so there is a new application that can not only help you to find a car sharing partner but also save you some cash too.”

Picturesque (village/park) Beautiful location
“Yes, I have a lot of photographs from my holidays of me and my friends in picturesque villages

“as he said, while a picturesque village might be a wonderful place to put your feet up, it is could be difficult to find employment nearby”.






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