Quick spinner tip!

Here is a quick tip for using Google Search to get an instant quiz show style spinning selector wheel which you can use to randomly select students or questions in activities and games.


Step 1: Search for ‘spinner’

Go to the Google Search page on desktop, tablet or phone – This also works in Google Now (but I have not got it working for ‘OK Google’ voice searches).  Search for the term ‘Spinner’



Step 2: Select ‘number’

In the search results you will get a virtual fidget spinner – try to stay focused and not get distracted by this spinner 😜 – Now select the ‘Number’ option switch.


Step 3: Customise ‘wheel size’

Congratulations you have your wheel, now to select how many options you want on the wheel by using the wheel size menu.snip_20170628085356

Step 4: Spin

To use the wheel use on a touch enabled device just use a ‘flicking’ motion on the wheel.  For non touch devices use the ‘SPIN’ button under the wheel.


I have not seen this feature mentioned online much so if you find it useful please share with others.

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