Campsite – Word of the Month – September

This month ‘campsite’ is my word of the month.  Why? because before the summer break lots of my students were talking about how they were going to go to ‘a camping‘ during the summer.

As you can see from my class poster above, ‘camping’ is the activity not the place.  Campsite is the noun for the location/place or business whereas a camper or campers are the nouns for the people who are camping there.

so you might ‘go camping’ (activity)

And you might ‘go camping to a campsite’ (the place/business)

but you wont go to ‘a camping

for example:

‘Every Easter we go to a great campsite in France.  we really enjoy camping.’

‘There is a great campsite in Orio, close to the beach.’

‘I love to go camping, especially camping in the mountains.  However, I’m not so keen on really large and busy campsites

Other words connected to camping that often ‘leave people searching’ include: