Ice breaker: Summer holidays human bingo

Here is a quick human bingo activity I prepared for some of my classes using the website

File download links:

It is the typical human bingo routine (find someone who…) mixing game that can be played in a number of variations (Google human bingo if you want ideas).

These cards were prepared specifically with my students in mind so there are some local references to Gipuzkoa and Donostia in some of the criteria; but you could easily recreate your own sets using the same website.  Below is a copy-pasteable list of the the different criteria I used just in case it is useful for anyone.


  • Took a photo of your feet on the beach
  •  Ate Ice-Cream in Donostia
  •  walked in the mountain
  •  Went for a bike ride
  •  Went camping
  •  Watched a sunset from the beach
  •  Went to a birthday party
  •  Listened to friend play guitar
  •  Went canoeing or surfing
  •  Spent time on the beach with mum
  •  Read a love story
  •  Had a picnic
  •  Slept in a car
  •  Watched a really bad film or series
  •  Had a long conversation on the phone with a friend (speaking not messaging).
  •  Visited a museum
  •  Got more than 30 likes for something they put on social media
  •  Played cards
  •  Painted something
  • Was ill (but not hungover)
  • Cleaned a room in the house
  • Learnt something new
  • Did something that they are proud of
  • Read a book (start to finish)
  • Didn’t leave Gipuzkoa.
  • Spent two weeks or more in a foreign country
  • Broke something accidentally
  • Fell off or over something


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