Kahoot homework

(Title image credit: kahoot blog)

Just a quick resource share and update, the engaging classroom game Kahoot has recently introduced a single player mode, or homework mode as they are pushing it.

This now means that students can engage with the quizzes independently as a homework revision activity outside of the classroom on a single screen.  The new feature is delivered via an update to their mobile apps.


Hopefully, over the weekend I will get the chance to explore this new option and try making some more sets to take advantage of it.  However, from what I’ve seen so far there is no teacher tracking option to review how students and classes are, or are not, doing with the quizzes.

For more info. visit their blog: https://kahoot.com/blog/2017/09/14/new-kahoot-mobile-app-make-homework-awesome/

also check out their YouTube promo: https://youtu.be/P4A1xXcE_co

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