My take on ‘Expert Interviews’

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After a little break away from updating my site, here is my version of the well documented ‘expert interviews’ speaking and discussion class which I did with some of my groups a few weeks ago.

In a nutshell, first students hear and watch a story of mistaken identity which resulted in a difficult interview situation.  After this first stage and looking at some chunks of language,  each student is allocated a topic in which they are to be experts and answers questions from the other class members.  The class takes turns to interview each expert and the expert has to try and ‘bluff’ their way through the interview. 

I’ve included a lead in activity which revolves around the story of Guy Goma.  Guy went to the BBC for a job interview 10 years ago for an IT technician post and accidentally found himself being interviewed on Live TV news by a presenter who thought he was someone else.  Although Guy didn’t get the job he was expecting to be interviewed for, he became an internet sensation and viral video star.  students get to watch and discuss the interview during the first stage of this class plan.

Downloadable pdf class plan and handouts: expert interview



Guy Goma BBC video via YouTube: 


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