Vocabulary Monday: A Bank Holiday

This weekend was an extra long, 4-day weekend for many people in Spain.  In British English we call these extra holidays a bank holiday.

When one of these holidays results in a longer weekend we call it a ‘bank holiday weekend’. 

In England, unlike in Spain, we do not traditionally extend a weekend to 4 days if a bank holiday is on a Thursday or Tuesday.  There are no ‘Bridge weekends’ and the translation would not be understood.  In fact, most Bank Holidays are ‘bank holiday Mondays’ and are set in the calendar to always happen on a Monday.  For example, the spring bank holiday is the last monday in May while the summer bank holiday last Monday in August.

The below video from MacMillan ELT explains some of the different language used for taking about holidays, as well as the differences between British and American English.

Finally, This report from The Metro talks a little about the history of bank holidays:
Why are bank holidays called bank holidays? https://metro.co.uk/2018/05/04/bank-holidays-called-bank-holidays-7521333/ 

Well, that’s another (rather short) Vocabulary post.  Be sure to check back next Monday for another expression.  If you would like to continue developing your language skills, then you could find our onlñine speaking class beneficial.  You can click here receive  our newsletter and visit our webpage  to find out more.  We’re also on social media at the links below this post.

Thanks for reading. Why not tell us your plans for the next bank holiday in the comments below.

Bye for now. Glyn.

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